4nias, we know you were disheartened when 4Minute disbanded, but don’t be too sad, as there’s hope that the group would reunite!

In recent interviews with several Korean media outlets, HyunA discussed the possibility of a 4Minute and Troublemaker reunion, and revealed details about her current relationship with her former band mates.



When questioned if 4minute could possibly reunite, HyunA jokingly answered, “Will fans still look for us if we reunite when we’re too old?, but on a more serious tone, said that she can’t promise that it would happen, but wouldn’t dismiss the possibility “if there is an opportunity”.

She continued:

“I think there is a chance for us to reunite after each member is able to fulfill their individual dreams.”

However, she did admit that she hasn’t been able to keep in touch with her former 4Minute members because of her busy schedule. “I hear about them through acquaintances. I know they are individually preparing. I hope it doesn’t look like I’m distancing them by not contacting them,” elaborated the talented performer.

Source: Oh My Pink
Source: Oh My Pink

Feeling nostalgic, she also explained that it feels “upsetting” whenever people only talk about her solo promotions as if “4Minute is completely gone”.

HyunA also revealed her honest feelings regarding the disbandment, saying: “I want my promotions this time to feel like an extension to 4Minute. Before there was HyunA, we all moved together as a community. Before the disbandment, the members talked. We ran together for seven years. Now we have to follow the dreams that we each can accomplish. I also worry that this could become harmful to all the love 4Minute received. From the beginning, I didn’t think of my solo comeback as starting something new but just extending our promotions.”

She also disclosed information about Troublemaker, much to the joy of Troublemaker and Jang Hyunseung’s fans. While HyunA did enjoy her time on stage as one half of Troublemaker, she disclosed that she couldn’t “provide any information” as the unit was just a project that surfaced whenever a suitable concept came up.

Source: sgkpopper
Source: sgkpopper

Well, there we have it. While nothing concrete has been revealed, we at least know that the solo singer thinks fondly of her former 4Minute mates, and a reunion is possible, even if it might take a long, long time. However, we don’t know what the 4 other members, Jihyun, Jiyoon, Gayoon, and Sohyun, think of that, as they unfollowed HyunA on Instagram soon after they disbanded.


HyunA just released her 5th mini album, “A’wesome” on Monday (1st August), and it consists of 6 songs, including “Wolf (featuring Hanhae)”, “Morning Glory”, “Do It”, “Seduction”, “U & Me”, and the title track “How’s This (어때?)“.

For more info, visit HyunA’s official Facebook page and Instagram.

Sources: soompi, allkpop.

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