You’ve all enjoyed the movies of caper-thriller franchise “Now You See Me”, and it seems like your wish to see more of it has been granted.

Following the movie’s massive success in China, Lionsgate and Beijing-based Leomus Pictures have reportedly teamed up to produce a Chinese-language spinoff of the blockbuster.

now you see me 2.


While no solid details have been released about the movie, it is largely believed that the upcoming version would star mostly Chinese casts.

We’re working closely on the story with Lionsgate. A Hollywood writer is working on the script so that the spinoff is in line with the original series and has the same quality,” said the CEO of Leomus Pictures, Jie Qiu, regarding the production.

The original “Now You See Me” movie and its sequel, starring multi-talented singer Jay Chou, has had a good run in China, with the latter raking in a total of more than US$92 million, even surpassing its US box office.

However, it didn’t fare well with critics, as many felt that it was too similar to the original and the plot was too “obvious”.

Source: comicbookresources
Source: comicbookresources

Are you looking forward to the Chinese version of the action film? Do you think that it will be as successful as the original, or will it be a flop? Tell us what you think in the comments box below!

Sources: Insing, Asia Starz.

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