Pokémon GO has taken the world by storm, and well, even K-pop stars are aspiring to be the very best Pokémaster like no one ever was.

While several Korean celebrities have taken to social media to express their disappointment at not being able to play the game, Jung Joon Young, a popular South Korean singer who is also famed for his sometimes eccentric behaviour, has taken a step further in order to fulfill his dreams. The 27-year-old travelled all the way to Sokcho to catch all them Pokémons.

Source: sooy2_on
Source: sooy2_on

In case you’re wondering, no, Pokémon GO hasn’t been released in South Korea yet. Curiously, those residing in Sokcho found their city the centre of attention as a glitch has caused the game to be playable there. As expected, swarms of aspiring Pokémasters have flocked to the city in a bid to test out the game.


Several celebrities have expressed their interest in travelling to Sokcho, but none of them have actually done it. Well, except for Jung Joon Young.

Photos of the celebrity in the one of the northernmost parts of South Korea has surfaced online and several fans who spotted him described him to be polite. However, they noticed that he was constantly checking his phone and soon realised that he was actually playing Pokémon GO!

Source: Brothersoft
Source: Brothersoft

He was not the only one who took a short trip away from South Korea’s capital, as Korea Herald reported that Pokémon GO enthusiasts have caused bus tickets from Seoul to Sokcho to sell out as of Wednesday (13th July) afternoon.

The mayor has also capitalised on the glitch, pledging to increase Wi-Fi hotspots and battery-charging stations in a bid to attract more visitors. The city has also advertised itself as “the only Pokemon Go holy land on the peninsula”. Meanwhile, several hotels have come up with Pokémon-themed travel packages.

Source: JustNerd
Source: JustNerd

With public figures like EXO’s Chanyeol and Kang Hye Jung (wife of Epik High’s Tablo) uploading photos and videos of Pokémon GO, it’s easy to see where the game ranks in terms of popularity.

But South Koreans are not the only one still waiting for the official release of Pokémon GO, as earlier this morning, we were dampened by the news that the game won’t be arriving in our part of the world anytime soon.

To cheer you guys up, we’ve compiled some of the funniest Pokémon GO memes found on the interwebs. Take a look at it here. Enjoy!

Sources: allkpop, soompi, Korea Herald, CBC.

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