The Ampang and Sri Petaling Light Rail Transit (LRT) lines will be closed on 7th, 8th, and 16th July for maintenance work, and it’s because of the new LRT extension to Putra Heights.

As a result of the extension, the merging system of the aforementioned LRT lines will cease to exist starting 17th July (Sunday). Fret not, the lines will still be working but only as independent entities. However, there will still be an interchange station at Chan Sow Lin that connects both lines.

The merging system between Ampang and Sri Petaling LRT Lines. Source: KL Sentral
The merging system between Ampang and Sri Petaling LRT Lines. Source: KL Sentral

The Ampang Line and Sri Petaling Line currently merges at Chan Sow Lin LRT Station. After the improvement, the new Sri Petaling Line trains will travel directly from Sentul Timur to the extended line which ends at Putra Heights, with 27 stations in between. Meanwhile, the Ampang LRT Line will be made up of only 8 stations.


Commuters who want to travel from the Ampang LRT Line to the new Sri Petaling line, or vice versa, will have to alight and embark on another train at Chan Sow Lin LRT station.

Although the new direct travelling system will start on 17th July, the Kelana Jaya Line and new Sri Petaling Line extensions will actually start operating tomorrow (30th June, Thursday). However, those commuting from Putra Heights to Sentul Timur will need to disembark and switch trains at Bandar Tasik Selatan for this short period of time.

6 new LRT trains, called Amy, will also be commissioned to replace the existing fleet of Ampang Line LRT trains that have been in service for almost 20 years.

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

While some applaud the change, not all commuters are happy with it. Those boarding the train from the direction of Putra Heights would benefit, but to those who start their journey from Ampang, it might be hell. This is because the train would already be jam-packed with commuters from 18 stops before that, causing those who board from Chan Sow Lin to have difficulties fitting in. The problem would also be amplified during rush hours.

Do you think the new system will convenience or trouble commuters? Would a completely new LRT Line be a more viable solution? Tell us what you think!

For more information, visit Rapid KL’s Facebook page and website or call them at 03-78852585.

Source: Rapid KL / Featured image: Rail Travel Station.

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