Attention, IKEA customers. Particularly those who are allergic to milk or hazelnuts!

IKEA wants customers who have bought dark chocolates CHOKLAD MÖRK 60% and CHOKLAD MÖRK 70% to be informed that products with all Best Before Dates are recalled. This means that the recall is applicable to all dark chocolates CHOKLAD MÖRK 60% and CHOKLAD MÖRK 70% products regardless of the Best Before Date on the product.

Source: IKEA Malaysia

The presence of milk and hazelnut in CHOKLAD MÖRK 60% (100g dark chocolate) and CHOKLAD MÖRK 70% (100g dark chocolate) are insufficiently declared on the product packaging. Thus, customers who are allergic to milk or hazelnuts may experience an allergic reaction if they consume the product.


As safety is of highest priority to IKEA, customers that are allergic to milk or hazelnuts or otherwise concerned, are welcome to return affected products to the Swedish Food Market in IKEA stores for a full refund.

IKEA has also extended their apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause, adding that the products are safe to eat for anyone not allergic to milk or hazelnuts.

Source: IKEA Malaysia

The Best Before Date can be found on the back side of the chocolate bar packaging (YYYY/MM/DD).

For further enquiries, you may contact IKEA directed via their Customer Contact Centre at 03-7952 7575.

For more information, visit IKEA Malaysia’s website or Facebook page.

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