Minzy might have left 2NE1 and YG Entertainment, but it doesn’t mean that you’ve seen the last of her.

According to a representative of The Music Works, Minzy’s current company, the idol is preparing for her 1st solo album. The singer is currently in the process of choosing her album concept and is looking for a style that fits her perfectly.

Source: 21blackjacks.wikia.com
Source: 21blackjacks.wikia.com

She is at the early stages of album production and has not decided on her solo debut date yet.


She is surrounded by lots of music from different producers and working hard to find songs with her own color. She is not discriminating between any dance or ballad genres. She is taking slow but steady steps towards her new career,” continued the representative.

The K-Pop artiste, famed for her dancing skills, is currently a 3rd year student in Baekseok University, a private Christian University in South Korea. The Theology major also started up a dance school called “Millennium Dance Academy” during her 2-year hiatus with 2NE1, and is teaching at the school.

Source: QQSmiles via Asiachan
Source: QQSmiles via Asiachan

Back in April, Blackjacks wept when it was rumoured that the maknae will be leaving 2NE1. YG Entertainment confirmed her departure, explaining that Minzy did not resign with the company after her contract ended. 2NE1 will not be disbanded, but might see the addition of another member, though fans are against it.

Then in May, it was confirmed that the dancer signed an exclusive contract with The Music Works, an in-house subsidiary label of CJ E&M, a major entertainment and media contents company in South Korea. The entertainment company also houses other popular Korean singers like Baek Jiyoung, Yoo Seung Eun, and Superstar K contestant Song Yoobin.

Now, who’s excited to see the maknae in action again? It is without a doubt that her upcoming music releases will probably include killer choreography, but what do you think her solo concept will be like? Let us know your thoughts in the comments box below 🙂

Source: soompi.

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