Thinking of balik kampung for next week’s Hari Raya but can’t find transportation due to last minute planning? Well fret not, Droupr may just be able to solve your problem.

Droupr, a locally developed app, is basically a carpool system where potential passengers heading to the same destination can opt to share the cost with the car owner. The app uses a real search engine to match the seats available in cars that allows a “community-based, safe travelling experience” with no profits.

Source: Droupr

One of the most annoying thing about the festive period is trying to get transport either to go back your hometown or get back home after it. If you fail to get public transport, the next best thing is to share a ride with someone heading the same destination,” said Sharifah Shahidah, communications director for Droupr.


So how does it work? Users are required to register in the system with their real name with a valid e-mail address and phone number. For safety reasons, users can choose not to include their identity card and house address for verification.

Members can then key in the details of their destination and travel dates. A list of drivers heading to the same place will appear together with the charge of the journey so that there won’t be any overcharging issues.

Source: Droupr

Each member on a Droupr trip only has to make a fair share to cover the travelling expanses. “Each passenger makes a fair contribution for their seat to cover fuel and toll costs. Droupr only charges a small booking fee from passengers to cover overheads,” Sharifah added.

Aside from allowing car drivers to set their own terms and preferences, the system also allows members to choose a “ladies only” vehicle where both the driver and passengers are females.

To get a better understanding on how Droupr functions, watch the 1-minute clip below:

For more information, head over to Droupr’s official website or visit their Facebook page.

Source: Paul Tan.

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