I.O.I (아이오아이) fans, your favourite girl group will be debuting their first sub-unit!

According to Soompi, YMC Entertainment revealed that the yet-to-be named unit will consist of 7 members including Kim Do Yeon, Kim So Hye, Kim Chung Ha, Im Na Young, Jeon So Mi, Choi Yoo Jung, and Chinese member Pinky.

Source: Kpop News
Source: Kpop News

In their statement, they said, “I.O.I has finished their first album promotions with their performance at the Dream Concert on 4th June. We are preparing for their 2nd promotions through a unit group”. 


Apparently, the other 4 members who are not selected to be in the sub-unit has returned to their respective agencies and will promote as members of other groups. Jung Chaeyeon will continue her activities with DIA; Kim Sejeong and Kang Mina will be debut in a new group under Jellyfish Entertainment; while Yoo Yeonjung will receive more training in areas besides singing.

Source: Koreaboo
Source: Koreaboo

Is it just us, or something fishy is going on?

I.O.I debuted recently through Mnet’s “PRODUCE 101” (프로듀스 101), a large scale girl group survival program, in May 2016. After winning program, the girls obtained a 1-year contract.

It’s funny how YMC allow the girls to debut/promote in other agencies after 1 album. Their first mini-album, titled “Dream Girls”, gained mostly positive reviews and was ranked #1 in most music charts in the first week of its release.

Though we are no K-Pop experts, we have not seen one artiste in 2 different companies before. Could the sub-unit be a cover for “contract termination”? Or maybe the girls just weren’t popular enough for the industry?

Source: M Countdown
Source: M Countdown

The group seems promising and if you watch “PRODUCE 101”, you would know how extremely hardworking the girls actually are. Hopefully, we can get some answers before I.O.I debuts their first sub-unit.

Are you excited about the upcoming sub-unit? Do you think that YMC is hiding something? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Soompi.

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