Need more Funko POP! Vinyl figures in your life?

Wait no more, because Funko has decided to release some “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” figures, in line with the upcoming live-action reboot. The new members who will be added to the current line-up are the Green, Black, Blue, and Yellow Rangers.

Funko revealed the additional members in a fun statement:


The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are ready for battle!

Between the Green Ranger’s martial art skills, Black Ranger’s strength, Yellow Ranger’s quick wit, and Blue Ranger’s intelligence, there’s nothing they can’t overcome!

These rangers are not the only ones who got featured by Funko.

The Red, White, and Pink Rangers figures were also presented, but they were “vaulted”, meaning that only 1 batch of the figurines will be sold to the public, thus making them limited. A 2nd or 3rd batch might be re-released to retailers, but so far, Funko hasn’t released any details.

The Funko POP! Vinyl figures of the Green, Black, Blue, and Yellow Rangers will be released worldwide on August 2016, so prepare your cash in order to get your hands on ’em!

The “Power Rangers” reboot is expected to hit cinemas on 24th March 2017.

Source: The Hive.

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