We’ve had a slew of news regarding animal cruelty in the past month, thankfully, this isn’t one of it. In fact, this news might even warm your heart and convince you that the world isn’t such a bad place after all.

A 36-year-old woman, Chen Pei Zhen, climbed down a 3-metre monsoon drain with a ladder to save 3 puppies in Kajang, according to a report by Sin Chew Daily.

Source: The Star Online
Source: The Star Online

Netizens found out about the good deed when pictures of the woman started circulating on several animal lovers’ groups on Facebook. The brave act was commended by animal lovers, who left encouraging messages and compliments.


In response, Chen said:

I just rescued 3 puppies, no need for such a big hoo-haa.

Chen, who is from Johor Bahru, got to know about the stranded puppies when she was visiting her mother-in-law in Kajang. After stumbling upon the Facebook post about the puppies, she immediately drove to the site and loaned a ladder from a resident nearby.

After bringing the puppies out, I clean them at a house nearby before sending them to an animal shelter,” she continued.

Source: Dogtime
Source: Dogtime

A resident advised Chen to not go down for fear that she would fall or the treacherous monsoon drain would sweep her away, but she was adamant on doing it.

We’re touched by Chen for such an act of compassion and bravery, and we sincerely hope that the 3 puppies will successfully be adopted 🙂

Source: The Star Online.

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