You’re on your way home after a long day, you’re hungry and you want to treat yourself, you’re about to drive past a durian stall by the roadside and as if on auto-pilot, you instinctively decide to stop and “tapao” some.

Little did you know, those yellow, fleshy and rich pieces of precious King fruit sitting in the pre-packed packet have been contaminated by the durian seller.

Source: focusnperspective
Source: focusnperspective

We’re not putting outlandish ideas in your head because that’s exactly what happened recently in Kuala Lumpur.


A durian seller was caught redhanded allegedly “spitting” on each open packet of the fruit before sealing it over with clingwrap. Someone managed to inconspicuously record a 2-minute video of the man at a durian stall, believed to be in Sri Gombak in Kuala Lumpur, doing the gross deed while wrapping individual packets of the fruit.

As seen in the above video (dated Wednesday, 18th May), before he covers a packet with clingwrap, he makes a quick-ish movement with his head over the exposed fruit. A movement that looks a lot like he’s spitting.

The video has since garnered the attention of netizens, who went on to share the incriminating clip on their respective Facebook profiles as well as over WhatsApp. Needless to say, it went viral.

A second video surfaced shortly after of the same durian seller being chastised by a crowd of men. According to the OtaiBERSIH Facebook page, the durian seller was ambushed by people who saw the video and decided to “teach him a lesson”.

It is not known if the durian seller was beaten up or handed over to the authorities.

That having said, social media users are now debating that the durian seller could’ve been blowing dust off the fruit and not deliberately spitting onto it. One netizen commented, “To whomever who recorded the first video, did you really see him spitting on the fruit? Do you have proof? Don’t try to be clever and wrongly accuse someone, and damage his rice bowl!” while another said, “Even if he’s blowing dust off the fruit, how can he do that? Especially if he’s intending to sell it to people to eat.”


What are your thoughts on the above videos? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: OtaiBERSIH / Featured image: focusnperspective.

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