Full electronic toll collections will be implemented at 18 toll plazas for 6 highways from 1st June at noon.

Malaysian Association of Highway Concession Companies (PSKLM) deputy president Sazally Saidi said the implementation was in line with the Government’s aspiration to boost toll collection efficiency.

Source: The Star Online
Source: The Star Online

“Highway users must use Touch ‘n Go or SmartTAG to pay their tolls. Highway operators will ensure facilities for the sale of Touch ‘n Go cards and top ups are available in 24-hour lanes and personnel will be stationed to help consumers to smoothen toll operations at all plazas,” he said in a statement, Wednesday (18th May).


The 18 toll plazas for the 6 affected highways are:

  • Bagan Ajam Toll Plaza
  • Perai Toll Plaza
  • Sg Nyior Toll Plaza
  • Mines Toll Plaza
  • Loke Yew Toll Plaza
  • Ayer Hitam Toll Plaza
  • Saujana Putra Toll Plaza
  • Teluk Panglima Garang Toll Plaza
  • Pulau Indah Toll Plaza

In addition, Bukit Raja Toll Plaza, Kapar Toll Plaza, Moc A Toll Plaza and Kapar Moc B Toll Plaza on the the New North Klang Straits Bypass Expressway (NNKSB); PB2X Toll Plaza on the Sultan Abdul Halim Mua’dzam Shah Bridge (JSAHMS) and the Sungai Ramal Toll Plaza, Bukit Kajang Toll Plaza, Sungai Long Toll Plaza and Sungai Balak Toll Plaza on the Kajang Dispersal Link Expressway (SILK).

Source: @jasa_rina Twitter
Source: @jasa_rina Twitter

For more information, the public is advised to contact the following hotlines: BORR 04-3299999, Besraya 1800 88 0999, SKVE 1300 88 0026, NNKSB 03-33420564, JSAHMS 1300 30 2828 and SILK 03-89210123.

Source: Bernama.

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