With great expectation comes great pressure.

As David Ayer’s “Suicide Squad” is drawing nearer to its release date, moviegoers are waiting to see if the film can save the DC cinematic universe from “Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice”.

One of the most anticipated characters that fans want to see is Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn. The actress herself recently admitted that she believes her character is the best super villain in the entire movie.

Source: Empire
Source: Empire

“For the first time, I thought that I had the best character in the movie. I wouldn’t trade my character in ‘Suicide Squad’ for anyone else’s. The comics are rad. I hadn’t read any growing up, but now I’m obsessed. I read them in my own time. We went to Comic-Con and I didn’t get to be in and amongst it because we were shooting, but the energy is insane. People are nuts. I could go as Harley Quinn in the actual costume from the movie, and somebody there would have a better one,” the actress revealed to Oyster Mag.

The magazine also revealed that the director didn’t even make Robbie do a proper audition for the role. All he did was send her the script and ask if she wants to play the popular DC character.

Source: Coming Soon
Source: Coming Soon

The 25-year-old actress added that she thinks it’s cool that she’s playing a female character who is “bad ass” and is “funnier, crazier, and stronger” than some of the males despite receiving a lot of backlash for showing too much skin in her costume.

As aforementioned, she still wants to continue playing Harley Quinn should there be sequels in the future – just not in hot pants anymore.

Source: Empire
Source: Empire

It’s always good to see an actress show so much enthusiasm for her character, don’t you think?

For more information, visit the movie’s website and Facebook page.

“Suicide Squad” is slated for release on 5th August 2016.

Sources: Screen Rant, Yahoo.

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