Fans of K-Pop idol boy group Teen Top (aka Angels) were taken aback when 13 fan sites of main vocalist Niel closed down. Many were puzzled, but the reason has been revealed: Niel was allegedly caught going on a trip with his supposed girlfriend, which angered fans.

Niel was spotted on a vacation with fellow Teen Top member Chunji and another male friend a few days ago, but that wasn’t all. Fans claimed that they saw another female, which they asserted to be Niel’s girlfriend.

Angels took several photos of Niel and his companions at the airport, which included the female. At around the same time, the female companion posted a photo of herself in the airport on Instagram, which fans took as confirmation that they did indeed go on the trip together. However, the photo has since been deleted from her Instagram profile.


Teen Top’s company, TOP Media, has since issued a statement denying the rumors, stating:

It is true that Niel traveled with 3 others on the 9th, but they are all just friends.

The female is thought to be 10 years older than Niel and comes from a well-to-do family. She is also a non-celebrity. As this is not the first time that Niel has been caught dating, fans were disappointed with Niel for lying to them.

In July 2015, Niel was caught in a dating rumor with the same female. Fans saw several similar photos on their respective personal Instagram accounts and spotted them wearing “couple items”. However, TOP Media released a statement stating that the rumours were “absolutely unfounded”.

Soon after, all members of Teen Top deleted their personal Instagram and Twitter accounts. As the rumours started from the aforementioned social platforms, Leader C.A.P. expressed his apologies and hoped that the social media-ban will ease fans’ worries about them. Teen Top will also only communicate with fans on their official group accounts.

Source: Romantic Realism
Source: Romantic Realism

Niel is not the first member of their group to be embroiled in a dating rumour, as main dancer and maknae Changjo was suspected to be dating GLAM‘s Dayeon in January 2015. Several proofs were brought forward by fans, but the company and Changjo neither confirmed nor denied the news.

What are your thoughts on the dating rumours? Do you think that Niel is indeed dating, or was it all just a misunderstanding? Leave your thoughts in the comments box below!

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