Former After School leader Park Kahi (가희) appeared on tvN’s “Taxi” as part of the “Spring Lovers Special” episode. The singer revealed some truths about her “graduation” from her former girl group.

Kahi debuted through After School (애프터스쿨) in 2009 but departed from the group in 2012 to pursue her own solo career.

Source: Soompi

When asked why she left the girl group, she answered, “After School originally started with 5 members. However, as the members increased, some of the original members started to get upset.”


“Despite the continued conflict, the company did not listen to me. I would always teach the new (and young) members when they came in, but they would just go on air and call me scary. I had no one on my side. I, too, am a woman and a part of the company. That’s why I decided to leave,” she adds.

Not only was Kahi the group’s leader, she was also the oldest member. As the girl’s “unnie” (big sister), she wasn’t close to anyone in the group and thus making her the outcast.

The original members of After School (2009), Source: YouTube Screenshot
The original members of After School (2009), Source: YouTube Screenshot

Seems like Pledis Entertainment is only interested in making profit than taking care of their artistes, huh? It’s true that in the entertainment industry, the younger the better.

All 5 original members have since “graduated”, and After School is now a 6-member group including UEE and Nana.

Reminisce After School’s early days in their debut track below:

Meanwhile, after leaving her former company, Kahi is now a successful solo singer, dance trainer, and a happy wife. You go girl!

Source: Soompi.

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