It hasn’t been an easy few months for Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza. In December last year, rumours regarding her pregnancy emerged online, suggesting that a baby was on the way for the Malaysian singer and her husband, Datuk Sri Khalid. But just as soon as it was confirmed, the songstress suffered a miscarriage 2 months into it.

It was her first pregnancy.

Siti Nurhaliza Pregnancy Rumours
Siti Nurhaliza (Source: Siti Nurhaliza’s Instagram)

The nation’s sweetheart conveyed the heartbreaking news via an Instagram post with a caption that read, “Setiap ujian yang Allah bagi pasti ada hikmahnya. Semakin Allah sayang kepada seorang hambanya, semakin kuat ujian buatnya.”


(Translation: There’s always a silver lining to Allah’s tests. The more Allah loves his servant, the greater the test he or she is given.)

She added that she didn’t immediately announce her pregnancy because she was waiting for the right moment, especially since her baby was “too new” and “fragile”. However, despite her miscarriage, she still maintained a positive outlook on life, thanking God, her husband, family, friends, as well as fans for their support and prayers.

Siti Nurhaliza And Husband
Siti Nurhaliza & her husband, Datuk Sri Khalid (Source: Siti Nurhaliza’s Instagram)

Shortly after, it was announced that Siti Nurhaliza would be taking a long hiatus from the entertainment industry. Word on the street was that she needed the break to focus on her family. But before that, she staged a final large-scale concert titled “Dato’ Siti Nurhaliza & Friends” on 2nd April 2016 at Stadium Negara.

It was also held in conjunction with her 20th anniversary in the entertainment industry.

And now, barely a month after her concert, rumours have surfaced that she’s pregnant again. Quickly stepping in to debunk the rumours was none other than Siti Nurhaliza’s manager, Rozi Abdul Razak.

Siti Nurhaliza Rozi Abdul Razak
Siti Nurhaliza & her manager, Rozi Abdul Razak (Source: Siti Nurhaliza’s Instagram)

Clearly upset by the unfounded information, she urged the administrator of Facebook page Kaki Share to stop sharing the “Latest! Siti Nurhaliza is pregnant; Manager Rozi wrote special poem for pregnancy” post.

Harian Metro quoted her as saying, “I am very disappointed by the actions of Kaki Share for uploading the fake news. Worse still, many people end up sharing the news on their on pages. I believe that the Facebook page admins are also Muslims and fellow Malays, hence he/she would know that false accusation is a great sin.”

Kaki Share has since posted up an apology for their “irresponsible actions” and consequently removed the viral post:


Source: Harian Metro / Featured image via Siti Nurhaliza’s Instagram.

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