It’s not everyday one would come across a “half-goat, half-human” creature.

Last week, a goat gave birth to a kid with a human-like face. The event of this unusual birth took place at Ibrahim Basir’s home in Felda Sungai Mas, Johor.

human faced goat
Source: The Star

The 63-year-old Felda settler said he couldn’t believe his eyes when he found out that one of his goats had given birth to a kid that bear a resemblance to a human baby. The Star reported that he was earlier informed by his business partner Jamaludin Abdul Samad at around 11am on Friday (22nd April).


When I went to check, I was quite shocked but fascinated too as its face, nose, short legs and even the condition of its soft body seemed like a human baby, but the light brown fur covering its whole body resembles that of a goat,” said Ibrahim.

He added that the kid born with strange defects did not have any umbilical cord. “This is what sets the baby goats apart as usually they would be born with the umbilical cord attached,” Harian Metro quoted him saying.

Source: Orang Kota – Tinggi’s Facebook page.
Source: Orang Kota – Tinggi’s Facebook page.

Unfortunately, the baby goat was already dead when they found it. Ibrahim suspects that it was either trampled by its mother or it suffered other complications.

Netizens have swarmed the Orang Kota – Tinggi Facebook page, where images of the baby goat were shared, to weigh in on the astonishing case. Many believed that the phenomenon may have been caused by a genetic defect while some others suggested that it was a product of bestiality (cross-species sexual activity between human and animals).

The kid’s carcass was transferred into a polystyrene box and handed over to the Veterinary Services Department where investigations are currently being carried out on this deformed baby goat.

Sources: The Star Online, Asian Correspondent, Harian Metro, Orang Kota – Tinggi / Featured image from The Star Online.

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