Popular Malaysian actor Tony Eusoff, who was found with a packet of cannabis mixture at the Tuas checkpoint in March this year, was handed an 8-month jail sentence on Thursday (21st April).

39-year-old Tony Eusoff, whose real name is Anthony Joseph Hermas Rajiman, was charged on 31st March for possession of Class A controlled drugs. He pleaded guilty to having a packet with no less than 4.56g of the drug at the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) bus arrival hall at the Tuas checkpoint on 12th March.

Tony Eusoff Drugs
Source: rotikaya.com

The Sarawak-born actor was travelling to Singapore to finish shooting Mediacorp TV series, “The Hush”. Before his coach arrived at Tuas Checkpoint, he removed the packet of weed from his bag and hid the packet behind the last row of seats on the upper deck of the bus.


He intended to retrieve the drugs after clearing immigration but authorities found the drugs while conducting a routine check on the bus. He admitted to owning the packet of weed after being taken to the Central Narcotics Bureau’s office at the Checkpoint for investigations.

His latest update on his Facebook page reads:

Tony Eusoff Singapore
Source: Tony Eusoff’s Facebook page

10 supporter turned up in court on Thursday for Tony Eusoff’s case. The attendees included Wild Rice artistic director Ivan Heng, actor Lim Kay Siu and his wife, Neo Swee Lin, film producer Datuk Vinod Shekar, as well as investment banker and chief executive of TC Capital, Dr Tommy Tan.

The maximum penalty for possession is 10 years’ jail and a $20,000 fine.

Sources: CNA, The Star Online, malaysiakiniThe Straits Times, TRP.

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