Whoa, Rihanna!

Hot on the heels of releasing her long-awaited album, “ANTI”, and 2 music videos – “Work” and “Kiss It Better”, Rihanna debuts her latest single, “Needed Me”.

Rihanna Needed Me


Unlike the previous 2 music videos, “Needed Me” takes on a more violent and dark concept, helmed by “Spring Breakers” director Harmony Korine. Prior to the music video’s official release, Rihanna took to her Instagram to tease “Needed Me”, and in her own way, forewarned peeps that it would be pretty much NSFW.

“Didn’t they tell you I was a savage? F*ck ya white horse & ya carriage.”

“Needed Me” opens with Rihanna wearing a see-through gown and walking around in a gorgeous beachfront mansion. The scene shuffles back and forth between Rihanna and a gritty strip club, complete with shots of mask-wearing gunmen and motorcycles ripping through neighbourhoods.

All along, Rihanna is seen holding a silver gun, yes, like a boss.

Rihanna Needed Me Music Video

She then walks into the strip club like she pretty much owns it and heads into a back room to find the man who presumably wronged her getting a lap dance. Without batting an eyelid, she takes him down with a few shots to the head before making her getaway.

It’ll send a shiver down your spine. Watch the music video below:


For more information on Rihanna, hit up her website or her Facebook page.

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