Cartoon Network is bringing cutesy back with the new, reimagined “The Powerpuff Girls”!

“The Powerpuff Girls” is an American animated television series created by animator Craig McCracken for Cartoon Network. The show centres on 3 girls with superpowers – Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup – as well as their father, the brainy scientist Professor Utonium, who all live in the fictional city of Townsville, USA.

The Powerpuff Girls
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The series made its official debut in 1998 with the final episode airing in 2005. A total of 78 episodes were aired in addition to 2 pilot shorts, a Christmas special, and a feature film. During its run, “The Powerpuff Girls” was nominated for 6 Emmy Awards, 9 Annie Awards, and a Kids’ Choice Award. The series also received generally positive reception, with TV Guide crowning it as one of 50 greatest cartoon characters of all time.


In 2014, Cartoon Network announced that the series would be rebooted with a brand new look and a new voice cast in tow. Fans were formally introduced to the new “The Powerpuff Girls” in June last year:

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But how have the characters changed from the last time we saw the girls on television? “The Powerpuff Girls” executive producer Nick Jennings and Bob Boyle revealed that while they’re building on what was happened with the original series, the girls have gone through some sort of an evolution.

“One thing we’re doing is we’re digging a lot deeper with the girls’ characters. So in the original series, it was a bigger, broader sort of comedy. And now the way we’re telling stories in animation is we usually tend to make them more honest: our characters are more real, a little more sincere. And this way, they’re more relatable,” Nick said.

“We also gave them new powers that we wanted to develop so that it wasn’t just punching and fighting and kicking. We wanted to change up how they could battle villains in a more visual way,” Bob added.

We also hear that the girls have actual cell phones now so they get their calls from the Mayor via their cell phone 😉

Source: Cartoon Network
Source: Cartoon Network

The new “The Powerpuff Girls” stars Amanda Leighton (po”Pretty Little Liars”, “Grey’s Anatomy”) as Blossom, Natalie Palamides (“Burning Bridges”, “The Tinsel Zone”) as Buttercup, and Kristen Li (“Monsters University”) as Bubbles.

Be sure to catch the highly-anticipated return of “The Powerpuff Girls”, premiering 2nd May at 5:30pm on Cartoon Network (Astro Channel 616).

For more information, visit The Powerpuff Girls’ Facebook page.

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