Who is the main actor of the drama “Descendants of the Sun“? What is the name of the district of Seoul famous for its fancy shops, popular pubs/restaurants and fashionable people (hint: it means “south of the river” in Korean)?

If you know the answer to any of these questions, you are in for a treat! “2016 Quiz on Korea” invites a talented Malaysian with good understanding of Korean language and culture to join the global competition on 27th August 2016 in KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) Hall, Seoul.

Quiz on Korea Poster


Do you fancy being on a Korean TV show and beating off contestants from other countries? Just join the Malaysian Preliminary and grab the chance to be a national representative!

1. Deadline for Submission of Application
ㅇ 25th April 2016, Midnight
* Submissions after the deadline will NOT be considered
** Minor applicants are required to prove that they have earned their parents’ consent (statement with signature, ID photocopies)
ㅇ Please fill out and sign the application form and send the scanned version to [email protected]
※Please visit their website to download the application form.

2. 1st Preliminary (reading and writing test)
ㅇ 4th May 2016, 10 – 11:30am, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Kuala Lumpur
* Only top 12 contestants will be chosen to actually compete in the 2nd preliminary contest

3. 2nd Preliminary (ask-and-answer quiz and self-introduction contest)
ㅇ 28th May 2016, Saturday, 3 – 5pm, HELP University ELM Business School
* The first-prize winner will be invited to Korea for the final competition!

4. 2016 Quiz on Korea (Final)
ㅇ 27th August 2016, KBS Hall, Seoul Korea
* The show will be aired throughout a number of countries including Korea

For more information, visit the Korean Embassy’s Facebook page.

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