This year’s CinemaCon is definitely full of good news for movie junkies.

James Cameron and 20th Century Fox announced that instead of doing 3 sequels, he and his team of 4 screenwriters will be producing 4 sequels for the “Avatar” franchise. “Avatar 2” is expected to hit the big screens on Christmas 2018, with the following releases slated for 2020, 2022, and 2023.

Avatar 2
Source: Screen Rant

Regarding his plans about the franchise, Cameron explained that each sequel will be standalone films that act as a complete saga and it will be a “massive cinematic process”. He further added that his team realised that there were just “too much stories” and “too much visuals” for one movie.


“I’ve been working the last couple of years with a team of 4 top screenwriters to design the world of “Avatar” going forward. So far what I am seeing on the wall, in terms of imagery, is way beyond the first film,” said Cameron during his presentation.

The studio and Cameron’s team have been trying to find new ideas to make sure “Avatar” is still fresh in people’s mind. And we don’t blame him, really, because it has been 7 long years since we watched the last one. As such, initiatives like building a Pandora-themed ride in Disneyland and a partnership with the Cirque du Soleil for an “Avatar”-themed performance are in consideration.

Lastly, he mentioned that the studio will be collaborating with Darkhouse to create a series of graphic novels.

Source: Wikipedia
Source: Wikipedia

We sure hope that James Cameron and 20th Century Fox will not be delaying the releases again like it they did previously. Are you psyched for the new “Avatar” sequels? Let us know in the comment box below 🙂

Sources: Birth.Movies.Death, Screen Rant, Variety.

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