“Captain America: Civil War” might be jam-packed with most of The Avengers’ heavyweights but “Thor: Ragnarok” has been quietly building an amazing ensemble in its own right.

We already know that Chris Hemsworth and Mark Ruffalo will be reprising their roles as Thor and Hulk – the only 2 Avengers not in “Civil War”. The film will also feature Tom Hiddleston’s Loki and Cate Blanchett in a villainous role.

Now, we’ve just learn that “Creed” star Tessa Thompson has landed a key role in Thor’s 3rd adventure. Unfortunately, Natalie Portman is not returning as Jane Foster.

thompson-portman thor 3
Source: Independent UK

There’s no official word yet on who Thompson will play, but fans are speculating that she could be the new female lead now that Portman won’t be back. Previously, there were rumours that “Thor: Ragnarok” would introduce another female superhero (Valkyrie aka Brunnhilde) to the MCU, so maybe that’s the role Thompson is filling.

It does come as a surprise to hear that Portman isn’t coming back since she’s been positioned as Thor’s main love interest. But word on the street is that “Ragnarok” will be set largely in the cosmos with very little of the story taking place on Earth. So that may also explain why Stellan Skarsgard’s Dr. Erik Selvig and Kat Dennings’ Darcy won’t be back either.

Source: Marvel via Screen Rant

Let the speculation begin, who y’all think Thompson will be playing? Whoever that may be, let’s hope “Ragnarok” will make good use of her gifts.

“Thor: Ragnarok” is set to be released on 3rd November 2017.

Sources: /Film, Movie Web.

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