For the first time in over a decade, the king of monsters will return to the big screen in Japan this July and Toho Pictures just released the first trailer for the franchise’s reboot!

This marks the studio’s 29th Godzilla film and it will be directed by Hideaki Anno and Shinji Higuchi (from “Attack On Titan” live-action).

Source: Coming Soon

The international title for the movie is “Godzilla Resurgence”, but in Japan, it is pronounced as “Shin Godzilla”, which has a double meaning of “God Godzilla” or “New Godzilla”.


There has been no further information about the movie’s synopsis so far, but according to Deadline, “Kaiju” (a kind of genre about giant monster) film fans will be happy to know that Toho’s new film will be drawing heavily from the original 1954 version.

The film will also star Satomi Ishihara and Hiroki Hasegawa – both are from “Attack On Titan” – and Yutaka Takenouchi from “BOSS”).

Source: YouTube Screenshot
Source: YouTube Screenshot

Higuchi said that the latest Godzilla will be utilising CG technology and a hybrid of actors moving through miniatures. He also added that it will be the “most terrifying” version to date, towering over 108 meters tall (about 355 foot tall).

The trailer shows a surprising amount of our favourite monster. No dialogues are present but the orchestral background music is intense enough to keep your heart pumping!

Check out the trailer below:

What do you think about the new Godzilla? We can’t wait to see it when it hits the big screen later this year (international release date not confirmed yet)! 🙂

“Godzilla Resurgence” is slated for its Japanese release on 29th July.


Sources: Deadline, Coming Soon.

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