Dear Blackjacks, we think that it’s time we talk about Minzy (공민지). 🙁

On 5th April, one of South Korea’s leading entertainment agency, YG Entertainment, released an official statement addressing Minzy’s leave. The agency stated that she left 2NE1 because her intentions were different from the other girls, emphasising that it was a peaceful parting.

But her dad and close friend say otherwise.


The day after the announcement was made, Minzy’s father posted a video of a song of hers and wrote, “She is still overflowing with passion”. He even added numerous hashtags saying, “If you’re going to act like this with media play, then I’m going to hold a press conference for the truth. I tried to leave it as a beautiful separation”.

His comment certainly made a lot of Blackjacks feel that there is more to Minzy’s side of the story that YG is hiding.

Source: All Kpop

Later on, he erased the post and replaced it with, I would like for you not to do false or wrongful DM (direct message) or translations. I have figured out that misunderstanding can arise from saying and pointing out that something is untrue in the moment. I hope that you will not misunderstand me”. 

Why do you think he erased it?

On another separate Instagram post by Ashley Choi, a friend of Minzy’s, she congratulated the singer for her leave, saying that Minzy has been waiting for 2 years in YG to showcase her talents.

Source: Asian Junkie

There are several speculations regarding Minzy’s leave. Many fans were surprised that the other 3 members were not aware that Minzy was leaving, making it seem like the 4 of them were not as close as we expected them to be.

What about YG’s decision to put 2NE1 on hiatus? Now that Minzy is gone, suddenly 2NE1 will make their comeback this summer?

Also, CL, Sandara Park, and Park Bom all have solo activities except for Minzy, does this mean that Minzy is the “least favoured child” of the group?

Source: All Kpop

We hope to hear Minzy’s side of the story soon so that we can finally have some closure.

Till then, stay strong Blackjacks!

Sources: All Kpop, Asian Junkie.

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