With Marvel‘s “Ant-Man” marking the end of Phase 2 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) last year, it’s time to get pumped up for Phase 3!

This year, there are not 1 but 2 Marvel Studio films hitting the big screen. The first is the super hyped “Captain America: Civil War”, in which we will see opposing fractions Team Captain America facing off against Team Iron Man. The second is “Doctor Strange”, a film that will introduce the more mystical side of Marvel’s Universe.

Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Stephen Strange
Source: Entertainment Weekly

While we previously understood that Dr. Stephen Strange was going to look like this when Benedict Cumberbatch made his debut as the Sorcerer Supreme on the cover of Entertainment Weekly’s “First Look” issue, these newly leaked set photos will give Marvel fans the first real look at Chiwetel Ejiofor’s Baron Mordo.


Although Ejiofor’s sorcerer role is still mysterious, these photos imply that Strange and Mordo are in cahoots together in these New York City snap shots. This may however raise a few questions from Marvel Comics readers since Mordo has often been a villain in the “Doctor Strange” stories. Maybe the dynamics might have shifted for this film?

doc strange 1
Source: Comic Book Movie

“Doctor Strange” has been shooting since the start of the year and it obviously appears that production is still ongoing with its latest scene taking place at the streets of New York City, where the Sorcerer Supreme is up against an enemy. In fact, fans are speculating that the battle scene is happening right at the doorstep of Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum.

In addition to more images of Cumberbatch and Ejiofor in action while surrounded by the green screen, we also see the pair joined by other students of the Ancient One, as they join forces to wield their magic against evil. If you weren’t excited about the movie before, these shots from the movie set should do the trick.

Excited yet?

We are not sure how much longer production will last but “Doctor Strange” is slated for release on 4th November 2016.

Sources: Screen Rant, Cinema Blend, Comic Book Movie.

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