Because they know that we love our food, to coincide with the much anticipated release of the Apple iPhone SE, iprice will be launching a series of limited edition, edible seafood-flavoured cases. Yes, you read right.

The flavours are inspired by the beloved local cuisine across each of the 7 markets iprice currently operates in – Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam.

iprice Supreme Seafood lifestyle shot 2


The product is expected to satisfy cravings regionally, following the announcement of the Apple iPhone SE. Flavours include:

  1. Chilli Crab for Singapore
  2. Sambal Sotong for Malaysia
  3. Fish Tinola for the Philippines
  4. Kowloon Steamed Fish for Hong Kong
  5. Tom Yam Goong for Thailand
  6. Pecel Lele for Indonesia
  7. Khô Mực (Dried Squid) for Vietnam

The casings are reinforced with all the protective features you would typically find in a run-of-the-mill phone case but is further enhanced with its use of materials that are completely edible; namely, patented brown rice from Korea that is as durable as it is long lasting.

iprice Supreme Seafood lifestyle shot

Think of it as a savoury rice krispie treat that protects your phone and quells your appetite!

Upon the announcement, iprice group’s VP of Growth Sonny Truyen said, “We’re thrilled with the launch of this revolutionary product and we’re hoping for this to be a bigger food trend than salted egg yolks. With over a million Apple iPhone cases across seven countries listed on iprice, we’re confident that we can spice up the market with this product.”

These cases will be rolled out on 1st April 2016 (that’s today!) and is part of iprice’s movement towards going green and reducing plastic usage, a material usually found in most Apple iPhone cases. Completely free from preservatives, they are designed to decompose after roughly a year of use (if not consumed prior to that).

iprice Supreme Seafood lifestyle shot 3

This is iprice’s first foray into launching a product under its own brand and while it is definitely an unconventional inaugural attempt, they are confident that the taste of the product paired with its noble intentions will garner a positive response from their audience.


For more pictures of iprice’s limited edition, edible seafood-flavoured Apple iPhone SE cases, check out the gallery below:

Oh, and one more thing. Happy April Fools’ Day 🙂

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