Being under the public eye can stressful, what more when you’re a K-Pop singer and record executives as well as the public are watching your every move 24/7. One has to look sharp, be polite, and fit in with the right crowd, so they don’t get accused by paparazzi and naysayers.

But what happens when a Korean pop star gets his picture taken in a club while being surrounded by babes? iKON member Koo Jun Hoe found himself in hot water after photos of him clubbing with girls leaked on the internet.

Source: All Kpop

According to allkpop, Jun Hoe was first spotted together with Clara when he attended her “Rose with Clara Party” event. Both stars were spotted at a same club again during the past weekend on 20th March. The singer was seen wearing a white mask over his mouth, which he only took off at the table.


Netizens present at the time tried to strike up conversations with the celebrities. One fan girl called out to Clara saying, “Unnie, you are so pretty“, to which she replied with a smile. But unlike Clara’s warm reception, many were left disappointed with Jun Hoe’s cold attitude. The iKON member reportedly gave them a cold look when he heard them say, “Isn’t that Koo Jun Hoe from iKON?

jun hoe Koreaboo
Source: Koreaboo

Meanwhile, iKONics are coming to Jun Hoe’s defence saying clubbing and partying isn’t a bad thing at all. “Don’t see anything wrong with this. He’s young and wants to have fun. Shoot I’d love to hang with Junhoe for a night,” says Amy Chao. Twitter user Carlie is also asking fans not to blow this issue up: “Let a dude breathe man. Clubs aren’t meant for a nice cup of tea”.

On the other hand, there are also netizens who don’t approve of Jun Hoe’s frequent appearances at clubs. “The main reason he’s getting a lot of heat is because he is still in a rookie group, it doesn’t matter if he goes clubbing or whatever but he should really be careful with who he goes with and where he goes to,” says Facebook user Ianne Sabela.

He signed up to be a celebrity. (That) means he is also a public figure and a lot of people including teens and kids look up to him. It’s true that he has a life and he can do whatever he wants but before he can publicly go to clubs and drink I think he should try and focus on his career more,” Sabela added.

Source: All Kpop

In other iKON news, YG Entertainment’s boy group recently wrapped up their Japan concert in Osaka. The 7-member group is set to bring their Asian “Showtime Tour” to Taipei Arena (on 22nd April), followed by Hong Kong’s Asia World Expo Arena (on 7th May).

To find out more about iKON’s “Showtime Tour”, hit up their Facebook page.

Sources: AKP, Koreaboo.

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