Malaysia’s staple breakfast ain’t a staple for nothing 😉

According to TIME Magazine, nasi lemak is one of 10 most healthy international breakfasts.


Calling it “supremely delicious”, the article describes the Malaysian dish to be traditionally wrapped in a banana leaf and consists of “soaked and cooked in coconut milk, rice is garnished with anchovies, cucumbers, roasted peanuts, hard boiled egg, and spicy sambal sauce”.


It also says that the nasi lemak is “balanced with lots of manganese, protein, and carbs” and that the chili in the sambal also boosts the metabolism. Yum 🙂

Malaysia’s breakfast dish comes in at number 9, after Russia’s entry of kasha, a dish made of any kind of grains boiled in water or milk, possibly with additives, i.e. a warm porridge. And before India’s Upma, a thick concoction made from dry roasted semolina.

Also on the list was the Japanese breakfast of steamed rice (or okayu rice porridge), tofu, pickled vegetables, fermented soy beans, dried seaweed, and fish, as well as the Vietnamese pho.


So remember to celebrate our Malaysian dish by having a generous serving of nasi lemak for breakfast sometime this week. Best eaten piping hot and accompanied with a glass of frothy teh tarik 😉

Sources: The Star Online, TIME / Featured image from

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