A word of caution: this unconventional cartoon is filled with murder, chaos, and cartoon food dropping f-bombs left and right.

In the first trailer released for “Sausage Party”, an animated comedy written by Seth Rogen and his team of comedy writers, we are introduced into a world where food can walk and talk, be racist and vulgar.

Source: Sony Pictures

The R-rated red band trailer begins on a happy note, as a hot dog named Frank (voiced by Rogen) falls in love with an overtly vaginal bun named Brenda (Kristin Wiig). The pair live in their respective packages along with every other food product in a fictional grocery store named Shopwell.


All the food items are sentient beings with a single belief – that human shoppers are gods, who they pray will select them and deliver them to “the great beyond”, the food version of heaven. All they have to do is stay clean and fresh until chosen. Things, of course, are far from they imagine.

A dark, twisted and violent reality awaits all the “chosen” food when they are taken from the comfort of their grocery store to their death. When Frank, Bun, and their friends watch in horror as an Irish potato is skinned alive and cooked for dinner, they realise that they need to escape the human’s home and return to Shopwell to warn the other edibles.

sausage 2
Source: Sony Pictures

To quote Mike Reyes, the initial set-up for “Sausage Party” looks like it could have easily been made into a PG / PG-13 laugh fest that could barely play with the kiddos, but definitely hit the teenage demographic’s sweet spot. But when the kitchen sequence takes over, followed by a torrent of foul language and horrific imagery, that’s when you know that this cartoon is definitely not for children.

Despite the provocative nature, Rogen insisted that “Sausage Party” came from an innocent place. “People like to project their emotions on to the things around them – their toys, their cars, their pets. That’s what Pixar’s done for the last 20 years. So we thought: ‘What would it be like if our food had feelings?’ We very quickly realized that it would be f**ked up,” he said.

Get your fill of the “Sausage Party” in the trailer below:

“Sausage Party” is slated for a release on 12th August 2016.

Sources: Daily Mail, Deadline, Cinema Blend, The Guardian.

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