Travelling anytime soon? It’s best you check if you’ve been blacklisted.

According to Home Minister Datuk Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, 827,921 Malaysians have been barred from leaving the country after being blacklisted for various offences. The number is up 339,134 compared to October last year.

Malaysian Immigration Blacklist

Among the reasons for the Immigration Department blacklisting the said Malaysian citizens include bankrupts and education loan defaulters. In fact, bankrupts make up most of those on the blacklist with 200,727 people, while 118,892 education loan defaulters have been barred from leaving the country.


The Malaysians on the Immigration Department’s blacklist are prohibited from leaving Malaysia unless they are given special permission to do so.

“520 are on the blacklist for security offences and another 507,782 for other offences. Those that are blacklisted are prohibited from leaving the country unless they obtain approval from the authorities relevant to their offences,” Dr. Ahmad Zahid said in a written reply to Er Teck Hwa (DAP – Bakri).

Source: Flickr
Source: Flickr

As a precaution, go here and enter your identity card number to check if you’re blacklisted.

Sources: The Star Online, NST Online / Featured image from Malaysia Travel News.

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