We all enjoy taking selfies, don’t we? Most people snap selfies to show off a certain activity or place. But did you know that uploading your selfies online could also expose you to black magic?

If Jazannul Azriq Aripin’s words are anything to go by; the communications officer of CyberSecurity Malaysia shared that there have been reported cases of victims online being hexed by “bomohs” or local shamans when they posted pictures of themselves online.

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Do not be surprised if the ‘bomoh’ themselves are getting smarter and they may have installed wireless broadband to launch their black magic. So, avoid uploading pictures of yourself to avoid the threat of black magic,” the federal agency staff told Harian Metro.


Unless you want to risk being subjected to evil spells cast by practitioners of black magic, Jazannul is urging the public to avoid sharing photos of themselves on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites.

Before you rubbish his claims and write him off, Jazannul did offer some useful advice during his session with Harian Metro: avoid sharing your phone number, house address, and other personal information on the internet. Warlock or no warlock, there are dangerous consequences of sharing too much information online.

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For example, when you post a selfie online, you aren’t just giving out personal details about yourself but you’re also letting others know how your friends and family members look like. Therefore, you are also letting your stalker know where you and your friends usually hang out, and the type of activities you tend to be involved in.

Since a selfie is usually taken outside, you are also sending a message that you are not at home. Back then when we didn’t have access to the internet, criminals and bulgars had to wait and observe your house for weeks before breaking in. Now all they need to do is follow you on your public social media accounts to know when your house is empty.

Having said that, selfies are meant to be taken for fun, but be careful of the potential dangers. Returning to an empty house is not how you would want your day to end.

Sources: Malay Mail Online, No Bullying.

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