With about 20 years of experience in making and marketing performance footwear, apparel, and equipment, Under Armour is now set to revolutionise how athletes in Penang dress.

On Friday (4th March), Under Armour opened a new brand house in Queensbay Mall, Penang, taking a step further to expand the business one year after it made its way to Malaysia.

Penang will be the first in the northern region of Malaysia and it’s undeniably a good chance for athletes and fitness enthusiasts in Penang to grab their favourite Under Armour sports apparel at their homeland.

Penangites are increasingly getting more conscious about health and fitness and this has led to an uplift of demand for sporting apparels. Under Armour strives to assist Malaysians to perform better and by bringing the brand into the northern region, it will definitely promote the knowledge of fitness to a whole new level.

The Queensbay Mall brand house measuring 1,600 square feet features a high energy yet clean facade that adds to the ethos of the sporting phenomenon.


Fitness enthusiasts will find the environment empowering, what with the inclusion of accented metal and wood furnishing, and the distinctive Under Armour Throne; large black leather seats with the logo stitched in red, prominently installed within the footwear zone.

You are the sum of all your training.

Along with the brand house launch, we were also introduced to Under Armour’s “Rule Yourself” campaign, a movement that will bring sporting professionals and aspiring athletes a step close to ruling oneself. The campaign represents athletes’ and fitness enthusiasts’ willpower to never give up, and the constant push to better themselves.

We were given a small taste of what “Rule Yourself” entails.

Prior to the Under Armour Queensbay Mall brand house launch, we were whisked away to a little media retreat with our friends from Under Armour Malaysia. Armed with the latest Under Armour technology, the CoolSwitch gear, we got right into an intense sweat session with trainers from Orient Fitness, starting with some warm ups and then a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) around Straits Quay.

This was followed by a sunset yoga practice with established actor and TV host Hansen Lee, who also happens to be a movement coach and yoga teacher, as well as his partner Robyn Lau.


Working out with such intensity and under such intense “Penang island heat” would’ve been quite a challenge had it not been for Under Armour’s CoolSwitch wear, which kept us cool throughout.

The CoolSwitch technology does exactly what its name states – it cools your body and skin when you start to heat up and sweat with its three unique active cooling agents. As a result, during a workout, CoolSwitch wearers (like us!) feel cooler, less physically taxed, and their skin temperature stays lower, allowing them to exercise longer.

With Under Armour’s CoolSwitch technology, it is a leap forward for athletes and fitness enthusiasts everywhere to maintain and further their fitness and wellness journey.

The CoolSwitch gear is available at all Under Armour outlets near you now.

For more information, hit up Under Armour Malaysia’s website or Under Armour Southeast Asia’s Facebook page.

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