If you’ve been experiencing slow Internet connection or loading time in the past few days when trying to access US-hosted sites i.e. Facebook, you’re not alone. Apparently, there’s a problem with the international data link that connects us to the US.

Telekom Malaysia, via their Twitter account, has warned users about the predicament on Monday (29th February).


TM hasn’t revealed further information about the problem, but they did say that maintenance is being conducted on the international link and that restoration is currently in progress.

As for the time frame for the problem to be fixed, TM said that it expects the work on the cables to be completed on 31st March. The information was revealed by a pre-recorded message that plays for anyone who calls the TM helpline.

Source: lowyat.net
Source: lowyat.net

This isn’t the first time that the international data cables have been damaged. In September 2014, a fault on the Asia America Gateway (AAG) submarine cable system caused data degradation, affecting Internet users in the Southeast Asian region accessing sites based in the US. It was an issue that took almost a month to resolve.

A similar problem happened in November 2014 but it only involved the connection to Europe.

Source: Lowyat.NET, TMConnects.

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