With 18 years experience in the F&B industry, Greyhound Cafe in Thailand has transformed the way foodies enjoy their meals.

Having cemented its reputation as Thailand’s first fashion cafe, Greyhound has transformed to more than that of just a simple restaurant and has become a favourite for Thais as well as international visitors.

Simple with a creative twist.


Its clear creative concept and an emphasis on the “total dining experience” means that the restaurant places extraordinary importance on wide menu offering, distinct taste of food, dining atmosphere, quality of service, music, and right down to staff uniform.

And now, Greyhound Cafe has finally arrived on our shores 🙂

We were invited to the grand opening yesterday (Tuesday, 1st March), where we got the opportunity to have our first look at the cafe. We adore its industrial modern minimal style which features decorations that reflect the simple and stylish identity of the brand.


And the use of basic materials such as zinc sheets and graphic printed tiles? It was love at first sight.


The menu has many intriguing origins, some from late night hunger pangs that transformed available offerings into unique dishes, and some from various travels that introduced the team to some delightful flavours that have been twisted into the cafe’s own.

It has a generous section of mostly Thai-Asian cuisine, which is easy on the Asian palate.

All of Greyhound Cafe’s dishes are full of many wonderful stories.

The cafe covers all indulgences such as the “Spicy Spaghetti Thai Style” (RM29) to comfort food such as the “Sandwich in a Bowl” (RM25). Adventurous foodies will love the “Complicated Noodle”, which is basically a deconstructed noodle that allows you to play with your food, sorta.

Food lovers with a sweet tooth aren’t forgotten, of course.

There’s also an array of delectable desserts to choose from ranging from the more traditional Thai-style “Tum Tim Krob” (RM16), otherwise known as the “Red Ruby”. But the real stars of the show are the “Sea Salt Caramel Chocolate Cake” (RM22) and our personal favourite, the “Fresh Coconut Crepe Cake” (RM22).

The “Fresh Coconut Crepe Cake” is made from light and thin crepes, layered with fresh cream and fresh coconut meat. It’s really quite hard to stop digging your fork into it once you start, and the perfect ending note to great food. Take it from us!

Of course, our pictures alone aren’t enough to do it any justice. You need to be there to indulge in the amazing total dining experience yourself. Hey, Greyhound Cafe isn’t “The hottest seats in Bangkok” for nothing 😉

Greyhound Cafe is located at Ground Floor, Ansa Kuala Lumpur, 101 Jalan Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur.

For more information, visit Greyhound Cafe Malaysia’s Facebook page or Instagram.

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