IKEA takes another step towards providing customers with a wider range of healthier and more sustainable food by selling and serving Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC) and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified seafood at IKEA Malaysia stores, effective 1st March 2016 onwards.

Customers can enjoy with assurance that the salmon, herring, shrimp, and cod roe sold at IKEA Restaurants and the Swedish Food Markets come from responsible businesses and sustainable sources.



The commitment is part of the IKEA Food long-term efforts to ensure all ingredients sold and used at IKEA stores are sourced from sustainable sources. Making responsibly produced seafood available to customers is the next step in transforming the IKEA Food business by offering more delicious, healthy and sustainable food at affordable prices.

The first step towards this goal took place when IKEA Malaysia launched the veggie ball, a delicious and healthier alternative to the famous IKEA Swedish meatball, back in September 2015.


According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), 90% of the world’s fish stocks are either fully exploited or overexploited. As a responsible business, IKEA has made the commitment to offer only ASC-certified seafood and MSC-certified seafood. These certification programmes are globally recognised as the world’s most credible, science-based standards for sustainable and responsible seafood.

IKEA estimates that this commitment will make responsibly produced seafood available to over 600 million customers. This huge undertaking will involve certifying all 360 IKEA stores in 44 countries around the world and includes working upstream in the supply chain; engaging suppliers around the world into the certification dialogue – some of which were new to the certification.

For more information about ASC & MSC certified seafood at IKEA, go here.


IKEA is also introducing frozen yogurt as a delicious yet healthy alternative to the soft ice cream sold at the IKEA Bistros. This welcomed new addition is in line with its commitment to creating a better everyday life for the many people, and it starts with food.


This new frozen treat is lower in calories and comes with strawberry sauce and raspberry/blueberry sauce toppings. The frozen yogurt will be available at the Bistros of IKEA Malaysia stores at RM1.50 per serve (inclusive of toppings) from 1st March 2016.

For more information, visit IKEA Malaysia’s website or Facebook page.

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