It’s official! Call me Professor Aguilera,” Christina Aguilera recently tweeted.

Ever wished you could belt out a tune like X’tina? Your dreams just came true. Soon, aspiring singers won’t need to audition for “The Voice” to be coached by the Grammy winner. You read right, Aguilera will be sharing singing lessons with the whole class. The MasterClass, that is.

Source: Masterclass

From being able to hit those impressive high notes to channeling the raw grit and soul in her performances, X’tina is one of the top vocal powerhouses of today. Her recent stint as a judge on “The Voice” seemed to have sparked her mentor flame and now she wants to share her experience with you.


X’tina made the official announcement on Twitter that she will be offering an instructional singing program on MasterClass. Titled “Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass”, the online education will help students all over the world expand their vocal range.

You’ll learn warm-up exercises, breath control, vibrato, her signature growls, and hear Christina break down her biggest hits,” the MasterClass website reads. For US$90, X’tina class will offer more than 20 video lessons along with a 40-page workbook and a vocal training app.

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Source: Masterclass

I’m interested in and passionate about many different things and I wanted (the course) to reflect that. I can be very eclectic and switch genres. I can sing anything from Andrea Bocelli and Puff Daddy to The Rolling Stones and Dave Navarro to something more obscure and ballad-esque,” said X’tina in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter.

She added, “Being half-Spanish myself, that’s also an important part of my journey. Ultimately, I’m giving my own experiences, my experiences of working with other artists, specific stories from my journey that others can learn from“.

In a short trailer for the class, the singer assures potential students that “every student can learn from this course how to better trust yourself, what to look out for, what to listen to, when to project, when to be silent“. If you’re still having second thoughts, X’tina provides a much-needed reminder, “Technique is only a quarter of it – passion and drive is like 100% of it“.

Watch the short clip below:

For more information on Christina Aguilera’s MasterClass, you can hit up the website here.


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