Certain stretches along Jalan Semantan in Damansara and Jalan Cheras and Taman Billion roundabout in Cheras will be temporarily closed from 24th Feb to facilitate construction works for MRT.

MMC-Gamuda KVMRT (PDP) Sdn Bhd released a statement yesterday to say that there would be a right-most lane closure for a stretch of 300 meters for 17 days in Jalan Semantan, SPRINT Highway (KL and PJ bound) to facilitate road widening works.

The road will be closed for 24 hours and during this closure, 2 lanes will be made available for KL and PJ bound motorists.


The statement also said that there would be a 24-hour long-term partial lane closure for a stretch of 120 meters until 1st April at Jalan Cheras heading towards the MRR2 Highway from Kajang near Taman Billion Roundabout to facilitate construction for the MRT guideway.

“As an alternative to access Jalan Cheras (KL bound), motorists coming from Kajang are advised to use the Taman Billion roundabout to get onto the MRR2,” the statement said.

Source: PropertyGuru

There would also be a closure for 63 days until 26th April on Jalan Cheras affecting motorists on both KL and Kajang bound at Taman Midah from 11pm until 5am.

“Traffic from Kuala Lumpur heading towards Kajang will be diverted to the internal road at Petronas petrol station near the Cheras Christian cemetery and exit to Jalan Cheras via the egress of Mc Donald’s during the closure. Motorists from Kajang going towards Kuala Lumpur will be directed to the lane underneath the future Taman Midah MRT station,” it said.

Sources: Bernama / Featured image from PropertyGuru.

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