Once again, SHINee’s “maknae” has proven that he has got more swag than you can ever imagine!

Late last night, SM Entertainment released the performance video for SHINee member Taemin’s (이태민) track, “Drip Drop”. In the video, the idol can be seen truly shining and showing off his impressive dance moves with an intense choreography – that he aces effortlessly. We love that it’s set against the desert-like backdrop of the unique rock formations in the Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park in Los Angeles County, California.

SHINee Taemin Drip Drop
Source: YouTube screenshot

This is the first of many releases to come. Taemin is also expected to release a music video, 2 more highlight medleys (22nd and 23rd February) and 2 more performance music videos (24th and 25th February).


It has been said that Taemin’s comeback track is one that will “maximise all parts of performance” and entails a music video that was apparently filmed in secret. So you can bet that the idol, who is talented in both singing and dancing, will truly have the opportunity to shine once again.


Meanwhile, Taemin’s album will be titled, “Press It” and it will come jam-packed with 10 songs, including the title track, “Press Your Number”. Interestingly, “Press Your Number” is an urban-pop-dance track that was composed by none other than Bruno Mars.

We can’t wait to check that one out 😉

Taemin’s album drops tomorrow, 23rd February 2016 (Friday).

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