The Australian government warned on Sunday (21st February) that terrorists may be planning attacks in and around the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysia has been on high alert since a bomb and gun attack in Indonesia’s capital in January, which was claimed by the Islamic State militant group. Malaysia had also arrested a suspected militant who confessed to be planning an attack in the country.

ISIS Suspect Malaysia
Source: CNA

“Terrorists may be planning attacks in and around Kuala Lumpur. Attacks could be indiscriminate and may target Western interests or locations frequented by Westerners,” read a travel advisory post on the Australian government website.


It also recommended that Australians avoid travel to the coastal region of eastern Sabah, where the beaches and islands are popular with foreign tourists and diving enthusiasts.

Malaysia’s Foreign Ministry said it noted the travel advisories and would keep foreign missions informed on security developments.

“We also acknowledge the fact that foreign missions are at liberty to provide their own assessment of the security situation in their host countries albeit the fact that it may not be accurate or gives a true reflection of the situation,” a ministry spokesperson said.


In a separate report by The Star Online, City police chief Comm Datuk Tajuddin Md Isa assured the public that the city is secure despite a terror alert issued by the Australian government.

“We have not received any intelligence to indicate a terror threat. We are on constant vigilance and security has been increased over the past few months. The city is safe from any terror threat so far,” he was quoted as saying.

Sources: Reuters via The Sydney Morning Herald, The Star Online.

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