Adele has an amazing voice, we all know that. But did y’all know that the British singer-songwriter is also quite the comedian?

The Grammy winner showed her funny side when she appeared in a pre-taped segment for The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday. The pair teamed up to pull off one of the talk show host’s classic pranks on some unsuspecting employees working at Jamba Juice.

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In the hilarious skit, Adele had no hesitancy in carrying out Ellen’s instructions on what to do and say (through a hidden ear piece) at a random Jamba Juice outlet in California.


At Ellen’s prompting, a supposed assistant of Adele entered Jamba Juice to inform the employees of Adele’s arrival while adding that the singer would like to be treated like a normal customer. However, Adele was anything but normal – she was verging on being a maniac diva and a straight-up lunatic, thanks to Ellen’s orders.

Among her ridiculous requests: From ordering a large smoothie in a small cup to faking her ignorance on the concept of Jamba Juice in general although she went on saying that “we have something similar in Britain; we call it Swishy Chug”. Oh, Adele was game alright!

ellen adele

Things started to get even more creepy when Ellen had Adele take out a pair of scissors from her bag to cut off a chunk of wheatgrass from the display to munch on. “It’s really good actually,” she says, while Ellen (and the rest of the audience) are laughing hysterically on the other end.

She followed up her antics by taking a shot of booze out of her bag and requested the Jamba Juice employee to add it into her shake. When it came time to pay for her drink, she dumped everything out of her handbag on the counter before asking the cashier, “Where is my money? I need to pay for this, right? I’m a celebrity. Do I have to pay?

Kudos to Adele for staying “in character” throughout the prank 😀

Watch their hilarious exchange below:

Sources: Billboard, People.

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