Taiwan’s “King of Pop” Jay Chou (周杰倫), 37, and his wife Hannah Quinlivan (昆凌), 22, have plenty to celebrate these days.

Not only did the happy parents recently celebrate their baby daughter’s first words, both Jay and Hannah also celebrated Valentine’s Day by sharing a few photos on social media – much to the envy of fans around the world.

Source: Hannah’s Weibo

The Jay Chou fans, however, were quick to point out that the jumping picture of Jay and Hannah was taken before 2016. In fact, this was a photo taken 2 years ago when Jay and his wife were on a travelling trip in Germany. The photograph showed the couple holding hands and jumping off the street to form a coronary heart form for their bounce shot.


Hm… We wonder how many tries it took for them to get it right? Anyone up for the challenge?

On Sunday, Hannah even received a field of rainbow-coloured roses from hubby Jay. Hannah shared the picture on her Weibo account stating, “The flowers are so lovely! I’ve not acquired flowers for a very long time throughout Valentine’s Day. Wishing all lovers happiness!” According to Toggle, the florists commented that Jay had given her a real-life fairytale and 7-coloured wishing roses for Valentine’s Day.

jay chao weibo
Source: Jay’s Weibo

The day before, Hannah also uploaded a short audio clip of their 7- month-old baby girl, Hathaway, uttering her first words, Ah-Ba (or daddy). In the clip, the pleasantly surprised mother responded by asking, “What did you say?” followed with the caption “Mummy is feeling a little jealous here”. Lol!

Lately Hathaway has been spitting with a pu-pu [sound]. Haha I guessed right! Her first words were Baba… Mummy can now finally have a good night’s sleep,” wrote Hannah. Jay and his baby mama previously made a bet that the parent whom Hathaway calls first will take over night duty.

Congrats Hannah, you can now take it easy for a bit. Listen to baby Hathaway’s first words below:

Sources: Toggle, Screenplay, Jayne Stars.

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