Can you still remember what you were doing in 1999? That’s right, do the math.

For Nick Carter, being “19 in 99” is a throwback tribute to 1999 when the former Backstreet Boys singer was only 19 years old. Looking back, he reminiscences on the popular boyband’s glory days singing, “Countdown back to Millennium, bleach blond, party on / Tank tops, tube socks and Filas / Skateboards, SEGAs.”

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Playing a dad to 2 young kids, Carter decides to turn down a family day at the beach for work. After being called boring, the 36-year-old singer opts instead to dig out a treasure chest dated back to 1999. Feeling inspired by all the fond memories from yesteryear, he goes from being this responsible and geeky adult to the 90s kid he once was.

Being alone in the house can only mean one thing: it’s party time! He is seen mixing a bunch of his favourite cereals while dancing in his boxer shorts. The Backstreet Boys alum also shows us how to strut while carrying a boombox playing Tupac’s music. Carter’s music video is making us wish that we could party like it’s 1999 again!

nick carter 3

If that wasn’t enough, Carter gave the ultimate nod to his Backstreet Boys days by reenacting the group’s “I Want It That Way” signature moves (dramatic hand motions and all) while sporting an all-white wardrobe and wind machine for effects. Nostalgia overload anyone? 😀

Oh, and BSB fans, you may want to take note of the familiar pizza delivery guy. Because fellow band member and longtime friend, AJ McLean, makes a special cameo. Upbeat and catchy, the hilarious clip cleverly highlights the good times of being a young adult and not having a care in the world.

Take a look:

“19 in 99” is taken from Carter’s third solo album, “All American”, which was released last November.


Sources: Ace Show Biz, E! Online.

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