Last month, the CW debuted “Legends of Tomorrow”, their 3rd DC Comics series following “Arrow” and “The Flash”. We were reacquainted with some familiar heroes and villains, along with a few exciting new characters.

Guess what? DC’s latest original series is introducing 4 more new characters into their show, many of which have been rather unexpected, to say the least. Sgt. Rock, Hourman, Ma Hunkel, and Sandman are set to make their appearance on the show this season.

1. Sgt. Rock

sgt_rock legends
Source: Den of Geek

For the uninitiated, World War II operative Sergeant Frank John Rock is affiliated with the Easy Company (which is the unit he led during the 2nd World War).

According to Heroic Hollywood, Rock was a standout member of this American infantry unit, effective in both close-quarters and long-range combat. In some stories, he has also shown nearly superhuman abilities, surviving numerous gunshots and exhibiting a sixth sense for impending danger.

It is unclear whether Rock will remain in the 1940s or in a current setting but the legends will time travel to meet up with Rock in their attempt to defeat Vandal Savage. Depending on which comics you’ve followed, most accounts indicate that he died in the war while some said he survived.

2. Hourman

Source: Den of Geek

The masked vigilante Hourman is actually an android named Tyler from the 853rd Century. Nerdist reports that Hourman – who was a team member of the Justice League and the Justice Society – had control over time and space thanks to a cosmic object called the Worlogog.

However, there is a limitation to his powers as it only lasts for 1 hour at a time when he consumes a drug known as Miraclo. Given that Hourman already has strong ties with time travel, it makes perfect sense for “Legends of Tomorrow” to include him into the storyline.

3. Ma Hunkel

Source: Den of Geek

This is Ma Hunkel.


Created by Sheldon Mayer for All-American Comics, Ma is a goofy and hardworking mum who dons a hero costume to fight the inflating crime occurring in her neighbourhood. Inspired by her son’s obsession with Green Lantern, she dons a stew pot helmet and calls herself Red Tornado.

In case you’re wondering, no, Ma Hunkel does not possess any superpowers.

4. Sandman

Source: Den of Geek

Wesley Dodd’s Sandman is another Golden Age vigilante who wore a gas-mask and used a gun that shoots gas that put people to sleep. Also a member of the Justice Society and All-Star Squadron, he was later succeeded by his partner-in-crime Sandy.

Although DC Comics have been teasing more comic characters on their Instagram account, Movie Web claims that the 4 aforementioned characters have not been cast yet. What other characters would you like to see on “Legends of Tomorrow”?

Don’t miss DC’s “Legends of Tomorrow” on Warner TV (HyppTV Channel 613) and on the HyppTV Everywhere mobile application.

Sources: Nerdist, Design & Trend, io9 Gizmodo, Movie Web.

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