Of all the strange K-Pop/K-entertainment news in the world, we never thought that we’d ever come across this.

Popular K-entertainment website allkpop posted up Taeyeon’s latest music video, “Rain”, only to receive the strangest response a reader-who-is-also-a-hacker could give.



allkpop hacked

You can barely see the scrolling text against Taeyeon‘s newly released music video playing in all its supersized glory in the background but it says, “TAEYEON SLAYING AGAIN HATERS KNEEL BEFORE YOUR QUEEN.”

Also, upon refreshing the page, you’d be greeted with this, a different “variation” of the hack:

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 1.06.40 AM

We don’t know who’s behind it but it’s either a Taeyeon fan who clearly worships the ground that she walks on and wants everyone to do the same or a troll who’s having the time of his/her day life.

On another note, we’re pretty sure that the team at allkpop are trying their best to get the page up and running as per normal. Meanwhile, feast your eyes on the music video for Taeyeon’s latest single, “Rain”.


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