What, a Milo ice cream? The ice cream fanatics in us just died (of happiness) a little.

Nestlé ice cream has revealed the all new Nestlé Milo Frozen Confection at a media launch event held at Menara Surian.

Nestle Malaysia MILO


Milo was first introduced in 1950, and since then, it has become a well-loved beverage to Malaysians young and old, with its promise in fuelling us with positive energy all day. As Malaysians, we resonate so well with Milo, from drinking for morning breakfast to consuming it in the afternoon at work.

The introduction of the Nestlé Milo Frozen Confection by Nestlé Milo ice cream will further continue its mission for being the trusted brand in households nationwide.

Milo Dinosaur

Malaysians have many ways to enjoy the nourishing goodness of Milo whether by having a nice big spoonful of it right into their mouths, sprinkling Milo onto a condensed milk sandwich, the Milo dinosaur, a concoction of milo ice sprinkled with spoonful of delicious goodness, and last but not least Nestlé Milo Frozen Confection the popsicle.

Ice cream lovers of any age would now have the opportunity have 2 of their favourite treats – Milo and frozen confection, combined into one mouth-watering indulgence.

Nestle MILO Ice Cream Stick (05)

The nostalgia-themed launch event evoked a reminder for all guests of their most cherished Milo experience. During the event, members of media had the opportunity to walk away with exciting prizes in the form of a Milo-branded mini fridge, as well as participated in activities centred on the theme of the launch event.

Nestlé Milo Frozen Confection has been made available in stores as of 1st January 2016. Malaysians can purchase Nestlé Milo Frozen Confection at the price of RM1.50.


For more information on Nestlé, visit Nestlé’s website or Nestlé’s Malaysia Facebook page.

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