Haaave you met Happy Polla?

Happy Polla is a Thai internet sensation who is not afraid to make you cringe with her (um, his) questionable photos and videos. Depending on how you look at it or rather, how much awkwardness you can stomach, Happy Polla is not afraid to “flaunt it”, strange appearance and all.

I fat , but I have Boyfriend ?


A photo posted by Happy Polla (@polla_thai) on

In fact, Malaysians are considerably behind time with regards to picking up on Happy Polla news because she was the hot keyword on the internet in Vietnam way back in 2013 and 2014.

Of course, it’s best to take whatever Happy Polla does or says with a pinch of salt because it’s all done in good humour. With over 850,000 Facebook fans and over 29,000 Instagram followers and counting, the new “Thai goddess” is fast becoming one of the biggest Southeast Asian online characters of the year.


Oh, and she’s coming to Malaysia!

Actually, Happy Polla is already in Malaysia as we speak but if you haven’t been fortunate enough to bump into her, fret not. Popular watering hole The Beer Factory posted up an announcement on their Facebook page a couple of days ago confirming that they’ll be opening their new outlet in Raja Uda, Butterworth Penang next weekend.

Not only will the grand opening offer a free flow of drinks from 6pm – 10pm at only RM80 per pax, it’ll also feature a special guest appearance from the one and only Happy Polla.


True story.

Happy Polla Malaysia
Source: facebook.com/thebeerfactory

You want meet her? You want take picture? Head on over to The Beer Factory Raja Uda on 6th February 2016! Happy Polla will be there at 8pm.

Don’t say we didn’t share 😉

For more information, hit up The Beer Factory’s Facebook page or Happy Polla’s Facebook page. Happy Polla is also on Instagram so follow her for more hilarious shenanigans.

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