“I am still willing to do anything for you, willing to appear the the times you need me most, willing to be the one you trust most.”

Oh, that sends shivers right down to our toes.

The first trailer for the highly anticipated joint Korean-Chinese film, “Sweet Sixteen”, has been released! Previously known as “Summer Tears in Paradise”, the movie stars Hangeng, Joo Won, and former EXO member Wu Yifan. In fact, a completely Wu Yifan-centric trailer was released in November last year in conjunction with the actor’s birthday:


“Sweet Sixteen” is a melodramatic film that’s based on a popular Chinese internet novel, “Xià Yǒu Qiáo Mù Yǎ Wàng Tiān Táng” (夏有乔木, 雅望天堂) by Yue Zi. It follows the love lives of 3 men and a woman.

The synopsis is as follows:

“28-year-old Shu Yawang is a landscape designer who was born in a military family. When she was 16 years old, her father had her take care of 10-year-old Xia Mu. Xia Mu had witnessed death at a young age, thus becoming estranged with the world, but Shu Yawang’s warmth slowly melted his heart. Shu Yawang’s childhood friend and lover, Tang Xiao Tian, enlisted to the army after high school graduation and met Qu Wei Ran there. After the encounter between Qu Wei Ran and Shu Yawang, their lives will be never be the same…”

Wu Yifan plays Xia Mu while Chinese actress Lu Shan plays Shu Yawang. The other 2 leads – Tang Xiao Tian and Qu Wei Ran – will be played by Hangeng and Joo Won respectively.

Wu Yifan Summer Tears in Paradise
Source: YouTube screenshot

Watch the newer, more intense and dramatic trailer that was just released today (Friday, 29th January) below. But let us warn you that you need to be emotionally prepared for the Wu Yifan’s brooding character.




“Sweet Sixteen” is slated to be released on 29th April 2016.

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