A year ago, one of Penang’s most famous 24-hour Indian Muslim eateries, Line Clear Nasi Kandar, was cleared out by the Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) over a licensing problem.

At that time, MPPP said that it would take over the site, a narrow alley in Jalan Penang, from which the restaurant had been operating since the 1950s, if the problem could not be settled.

Source: exploreexcitingasia.blogspot.com
Source: exploreexcitingasia.blogspot.com

The licensing issue was due to a dispute among 4 family members who claimed to have inherited the business from the founding family and who had initially agreed to take turns (by rotation) to run the successful nasi kandar business.


Although the restaurant was run until today by Abdul Hamid Seeni Pakir, the family had only agreed to allow him to run it until 2011. He was supposed to hand over the business to his cousin, Sahubarali China Mohd Hanibah in 2011 but did not.

Line Clear Nasi Kandar Penang
Source: visitpenang.gov.my

Fast forward to a year later, the Penang High Court officially gave orders to Line Clear operator Abdul Hamid Seeni Parkir to vacate the premises in Jalan Penang. Abdul Hamid Seeni Parkir has accepted the eviction notice but one question remains:

What’s going to happen to the Line Clear outlet in Penang?

They’re moving to Kuala Lumpur! According to The Star Online, about 70% of the current team including the cook at Line Clear will here in about 2 weeks.

This was confirmed by Abdul Hamid Seeni Parkir’s representative Salim Madinah, who said that the operator will be opening an outlet in Jalan Raja Abdullah in Kampung Baru tomorrow (30th January, Saturday), which will be run by Abdul Hamid’s children and relatives.

Source: Line Clear Kuala Lumpur Facebook page
Source: Line Clear Kuala Lumpur Facebook page

“The current cook at Line Clear is Abdul Halim’s son and he will also move to the other outlet,” said Salim when contacted by phone. He added that Abdul Hamid had planned on retiring and thus, the operator will let his children bring his recipes to Kuala Lumpur and would advise his children. After which, he will retire and take care of his grandson.

Salim said, adding that they would serve nasi kandar today (Friday, 29th January) for charity to underprivileged groups.

Source: Line Clear Kuala Lumpur Facebook page
Source: Line Clear Kuala Lumpur Facebook page

A previous MMO report stated that Line Clear’s founders have taken up a shoplot at 133, Jalan Raja Abdullah in Kampung Baru, Kuala Lumpur for its Kuala Lumpur outpost.

The Line Clear Kuala Lumpur Facebook page also confirmed via a post that the Kampung Baru outlet will open for business today, with its grand opening happening from 2:30pm – 5:30pm, adding that there’ll be a great feast as they’ll be serving free food for all.

Sources: The Star Online, MMO, Line Clear Kuala Lumpur Facebook page / Featured image from Line Clear Kuala Lumpur Facebook page.

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