Malaysia’s premium and exclusive halal and Shariah compliant e-marketplace was launched yesterday (27th January, Wednesday) by former Premier Tun Abdullah Badawi at the newly opened global headquarters of the Aladdin Group of Companies in Kuala Lumpur., which is a wholly owned Malaysian company, caters authentic, premium halal and shariah compliant products and services which include categories in pharmaceutical, fashion, cosmetics and beauty, food, and banking and finance.

Aladdin Street Halal

The e-commerce marketplace will become the only hub for premium halal and Shariah compliant products and services for close to 1,500 merchants and traders in the next 3 years and will serve the domestic Malaysian market. The international e-platform which will cater to the global marketplace will be launched in the second quarter of 2016.


Co-founder of the Aladdin Group of Companies and Malaysian Angkasawan Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor said, “We are very excited as this is yet another defining moment for Malaysia as we have achieved a first – not just locally, but globally – in the vibrant e-commerce marketplace with the soft launch of We aim to become the number one e-commerce platform in Malaysia and the portal of choice for Malaysian consumers. We are confident because we have collaborated with the local authorities and halal governing bodies to ensure that only authentic and premium halal certified products and services are traded on In the next 3 years, we hope to sign on 1,500 merchants to potentially provide 30,000 products on our online platform.”

Another key strength of is that domestic merchants can upgrade to their international platform to access the global halal market through Aladdin’s offices in more than 30 countries beyond the click of the mouse. They will be able to utilise local ground support on matters relating to halal logistics, customs and market intelligence as well as business networking opportunities.

Merchants participation in is by invitation only. All invitees undergo strict due diligence by Aladdinstreet’s Business Integrity Task Force comprising an International panel of experts on Halal and Shariah matters to ensure strict compliance.


Use of the word “halal” to describe a product is strictly regulated in Malaysia under the Trade Descriptions (Definition of Halal) Order 2011, as published by the Ministry of Domestic Trade, Co-operatives and Consumerism (MDTCC). Only JAKIM and the Islamic Religious Council (MAIN) have the authority to certify goods or services as halal and permit the use of the Malaysia Halal logo.

Malaysia is also home to the International Halal Integrity Alliance and the World Halal Forum Secretariat, two of the world’s most prominent halal institutions.

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